Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's been a while...

So I haven't updated for a while, apologies. A lot has happened in and out of agility, but I'll try to start at the beginning...

At the end of June I lost Kip very expectantly. The Saturday evening of Lansdown he had a funny turn and collapsed and couldn't get up. When he had been laying down for a long period of time and then went to get up, he would struggle a little but only through old age being 13. However, this was different. Mum and I took him to the vets on Sunday morning as they were going to do various different tests to see what might be happening. My vet suggested it could be heat stroke or internal bleeding of the spleen.

After several scans she called me back Sunday evening to tell me that they had discovered several tumours on his spleen and he was collapsing because of them bleeding and therefore he became anemic. There were a few options that the vet game me and because of how fit he was she also suggested the option to remove his spleen. I was home alone on the Sunday and broke down when the vet told me that the maximum she's had a dog live for after having these particular tumours was 5 months. In the end I didn't even get 5 days.

After his op on the Monday he came home Tuesday evening. He was whining and very unstable but we all put that down to the big op he had and also the anesthetic. I dragged a mattress downstairs and slept in the hall. He couldn't stop whining and panting and couldn't settle at all. Anyone who knows Kip will know how much of a big sop he was and that even a quick rub of his ear would satisfy him, even if he did keep nudging for more!

Wednesday morning Mum and I tok him back to the vets because he wasn't right at all. The vets put him back on a red blood cell drip and upped his pain killers but he was showing signs of other things. The vet wasn't happy with how he was and thought it might be more than what showed up on the previous scans and tests. I went to see him on Wednesday evening along with my Mum and Aunt (strength in numbers and all that...) Again he wouldn't settle and kept flicking his head and just totally in distress, which suggested that it could be neurological. I could have had more tests and scans done but I didn't want to put him through anything else.

It was the hardest decision but I think it was the best thing to do. It's been just over a month and I'm still absolutely devastated :( He was the kindest, soppiest dog ever and I miss him so much.

Moving onto agility, Pie has been working aaaaamazing, which is quite weird. We made our first champ final at The Agility Club running 4th from the end with a double clear!! We did crap in the final because I pushed him a liiiittle bit too much and he missed his contact. I need to practice more pushing him but still holding his contacts. I ponce around too much and then when I actually run Pie is shocking and comes with me - oops!!

Here are some vids from The Agility Club...

Roll on KC Festival!

L x

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  1. So sorry to hear about Kip, never met you or your dogs but he was a great dog. May he rest in peace.